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Tamoxifen is used for treating breast cancer that has spread to other sites in the body.

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Tamoxifen citrate purchase for women receiving estrogen replacement therapy, by age category¶ Tamoxifen 20mg $82.99 - $0.69 Per pill Study design and year of treatment All women 1 to 19 years 20 45 46 to 64 years P valuea Serum estradiol, ng/dl 6.8 (6.0–6.8) 6.4 (6.0–6.7) NA 6.7 (6.6–6.8) <0.0004 Age, y 60.3 (61.0–61.3) 60.9 (60.7–61.1) 40.3 (40.0–41.2) 0.009 <0.0001 Race Caucasian, Non-Hispanic 549 (47.5) 1123 (88.1) NA 1232 (83.8) Non-Hispanic white 951 (91.6) 1327 (84.4) 1137 (78.4) 0.009 <0.0001 Other 708 (68.9) 1409 (91.8) NA 1006 (86.5) Age at disease onset, y <56 513 (42.8) 886 (75.7) NA 1312 (87.7) 0.002 <51 (n = 846) 59 (18.0) 115 (23.9) NA 195 (27.2) <0.0001 Age at diagnosis, y <50 890 (91.5) 1505 (83.6) NA 1702 (90.8) 0.008 <51–56 596 (41.2) 957 (70.7) NA 1264 (84.3) ≥57 751 (67.9) 1440 (87.3) NA 1460 (85.7) 0.01 <60–69 506 (41.5) 912 (70.8) NA 1220 (84.4) ≥70 713 (64.7) 1545 (91.9) NA 1334 (86.9) 0.003 View Large The main strength of this meta-analysis is that the results are drawn from all randomized controlled trials that provided data on the estrogen use and breast cancer risk outcomes. However, in contrast to the results of other analyses on the use of tamoxifen in women with BRCA1 or BRCA2 hereditary cancer, the results of this meta-analysis also show a significant dose-response association between ERT treatment dose and cancer risk outcomes. Because of the lack a consistent dose-response relationship between ERT dose and disease progression or breast cancer recurrence, the association between ERT dose and breast cancer recurrence was evaluated more cautiously in a subgroup analysis. Moreover, because the data on use of tamoxifen in all subgroups is incomplete and results from ERT use were too limited to calculate a relative risk, the analyses were Buy tamoxifen citrate online weighted using quality-of-study variable. The current meta-analysis included 18 trials with a total of 11 072 primary outcomes, including 15 studies that used both ERT and tamoxifen ten studies that only used ERT, as well seven placebo controlled trials with 7 734 women. Among the 12 trials that used both ERT and tamoxifen, two randomized controlled trials that used ERT but not tamoxifen, showed no positive trend in ERT dose as compared with control. Although three of the five trials that used ERT alone showed a negative trend, the trend between ERT dose and progression to a first postmenopausal breast cancer diagnosis was significant (RR, 1.16, 95% CI,)

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