Promethazine is used for relieving allergy symptoms, including hives or runny nose.

Where can i buy codeine and promethazine in the uk ?? i love it.. do you guys get codeine in US ? i bought from ?? also can it be bought in other countries? can i buy promethazine in the uk ? please answer. anon76693 Post 10 I am a young female. was taken off everything because I was too big. have been told that I "low blood sugar" or that I should get checked out. have been told by a doctor that the best way to control diabetes would be diet and restrict meals food. I have been on these diet and exercise plans for 2 years and I am still on them. have tried eating healthy and now. anon76690 Post 9 I have Type 1 diabetes and I have been on a liquid diet for 2 years. In the past 3 months, I have lost 7 lbs. What should I do next? take a drug called metformin to lower the blood sugar? anon76673 Post 8 I am a 42 year old diabetic male and I am a diabetic for my whole life, but I have a big belly, which is normal with diabetes. I have had issues with my diet, I eat an unhealthy diet and I take two different types of medications daily. I have my high blood pressure and sleep problems, not to mention the fact that my body can't burn fat. I just moved into a condo with great conditons and am doing my best to prepare for the move, I just need to get back in the groove with my diabetes routine. I did lose 10 to 15 pounds, but I'm worried that my belly now feels like a ball. I just want to go back eating normal, so maybe that is what I need to do? This is in a new world and my diet is not good yet. anon76815 Post 7 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two years ago and I have not lost any weight since then. I have been putting it off by eating too much so I can still be an employee. But I have been eating a lot of processed foods and soda. I have been having problems with my blood sugar, which I am told every other day can be 100 and now is 106. I am on a daily exercise regimen and trying to put back on muscle, but I have a hard time feeling good, I think am gaining fat but it too slowly. I am looking for a trainer that can help me start exercising again. anon67896 Post 6 I have type 1 diabetes and it has been getting worse recently. My blood sugar is only getting about 108 but I really want to lose weight. I need more help with my diet or I feel that have a high risk of heart disease. Anyone know any diabetes diet for adults? anon67586 Post 5 I had the same problem. been on oral diabetes drugs for one year and was in a low fat diet of 3,000 calories a day, which brought me down to 150 pounds. One morning an aunt promethazine codeine syrup where can i buy it in the church told me about a diet that would put me back in my weight but without the insulin and weight loss. She was referring to the insulin and hemlock diet. I was a type 1 diabetic for 12 years and lived on those for most of that time. She was telling me about a diet that I would have to live for a year without any diabetes drugs. She said it would reduce my blood sugar back to normal. I went this diet for one term of three months and then I went to a specialist doctor who did some tests and told me he could no longer treat me. A few days after that nurse practitioner told me her specialist had done a blood test to my sugars and it was 98. I have never been on any insulin before and have a very low cholesterol, high body fat ratio. I was told that it is possible I have metabolic syndrome and the pancreas was telling me that I still had insulin resistance. However, I went to this Doctor because I felt like diabetes was getting worse. He told me a diet could help for one year and I may have to be on insulin for one to two years and there was nothing I could do to get myself back normal. I still feel low a lot of the time and have some of the same problems I always have. have a family history of heart disease so I have never had diabetes before, and if I could, would not have it again. I now a new lifestyle that I know works for me (walking, eating well, watching what I eat) and I'm trying to keep my blood sugar at normal. I don't really want to miss these tests because they are so important to me, but I am worried that they won't keep me from losing weight. I just want to go back one of the doctors that told.

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Promethazine 25mg $44.64 - $0.74 Per pill
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Promethazine 25mg $62.94 - $0.7 Per pill

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Buy promethazine dm syrup for this. At the store make sure to ask your pharmacist where is the real stuff (not sugar water like I had been told.) The brand they were using made the syrup VERY weak and tasted horrible. I would highly suggest you go to a better place if you like syrup. -------------------- Everything you need in one spot. My Q&A thread. Ask me questions here rather than in Private Message Post Extras: Quote: thebongwater said: I'm a little more concerned about very bitter taste on the skin after first few times it's used like this. Can you give a rough ballpark estimate of how long you should use it before any discomfort is felt? And how frequently should I change the syrups? Edited by xkitsune (05/14/11 10:28 PM) Puff said: I do not recommend this. think that if I was going to start eating these for an immediate boost I'd use extract. With that said, can I buy those "syrups" at a generic store/drugstore, especially ones that aren't sweetened with sugar? It's just water and dextrose mixed in a syringe. Its not a good quality promethazine codeine syrup buy online uk drugstore syrup, either. I'd recommend that you go to a reputable health food store for quality extract product. i've just bought an 80 mg amphetamine syrup to use when i want feel like high people so i Buy promethazine codeine don't have to go out and buy one is it stronger (and what the purity of syrup?) the syrup is just an amphetamine i just bought an 80mg amphetamine syrup to use when i want feel like high people so i don't have to go out and buy one yeah it's a pretty nice boost i get good hits and i'll probably try more of the syrup thanks for the tip thebongwater gag said: I'll try to get a good image of some the cheap stuff that i have, but this wasn't the syrup i was looking for (for something stronger i'd probably stick with something like the amphetamine mix from same post, which is like an amphetamine 50/50). The amphetamine/sugar is made up of dextrose, which is basically sweetened water, with some other stuff in there to make it more palatable, like a "flavour" enhancer such as an amino acid or perhaps a polysaccharide.. This syrup should be at least 80mg, if not more. The stuff you bought might have been the dextrose/sugar/polysaccharide. You can easily find these in generic drug stores, both powdered form and liquid form. The syrup with dextrose/sugar/polysaccharide is about 40x as bad the amphetamine syrup, it tastes terrible and is very weak. Edited by xkitsune (05/14/11 10:43 PM) I like how you made a new "syrup", just with something not in the original list. the reason cheap syrup is so bad that you can buy it at health food stores that are supposed to be the healthiest sources of good tasting stuff... that syrup smells like sewage... Edited by xkitsune (05/14/11 11:11 PM) This is the syrup: Methylphenidate Tablets, Methyl-D-Aspartate (MA-5) - 10 mg 200 tablets Methylphenidate Tablets, Methyl-D-Aspartate (MA-5) - 10 mg 400 tablets Methylphenidate Tablets, Methyl-D-Aspartate (MA-5) - 10 mg 800 tablets I got it online for only $6 and it was the best quality syrup for a $6. I'll buy the real thing tomorrow since I got one right on time for $6.

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