Make your smile sparkle this Christmas with teeth whitening

Make your smile sparkle this Christmas with teeth whitening

It’s almost Christmas again, an occasion for good cheer, festivities and spending time with the family. It also means good food and relaxing from work (even if just for a couple of days!). But what will you do if your loved ones want to take a family photo on Christmas day? When you hear the word ‘Cheese!’, will you open your mouth or close it?

For many of us, our teeth are a reason to feel self-conscious. That’s why people sometimes try to hide their teeth during photos. Sometimes it’s because their teeth are crooked, whereas other times the cause is stained or discoloured teeth. Staining frequently happens at Christmas due to drinks high in tannins, such as red wine.

Here at Unique Smiles, we understand the importance of a smile. We know that smiling leads to greater confidence and higher serotonin levels, which both lead to more happiness in life. And what’s more important in life than happiness? That’s why we offer whitening treatments at our clinic in Alcester.


Our two teeth whitening options

We provide two whitening treatments to our patients: a standard take-home kit or Enlighten tooth whitening. Which one you choose depends on your situation.

  • Take-home kit. Our take-home kit includes bespoke moulds that you wear overnight. The moulds are filled with whitening gel, which gently and safely whitens your teeth.
  • Enlighten tooth whitening. Our Enlighten also uses a take-home kit but is accepted as the industry gold standard for whitening. The secret is that Enlighten makes your teeth more permeable to oxygen, which helps to break down stains.

Whichever method you choose, you’ll definitely have fewer stains and whiter teeth.


Only trust a dentist to whiten your teeth!

If you’re strapped for cash this Christmas, then you might be tempted to go for a DIY whitening kit from the Internet. Our advice? Don’t! These kits are unsafe, and they do more harm to your teeth than good. The safest place to receive teeth whitening treatment is always at a registered dental practice. Our team is well-trained and very in teeth whitening and you will be in good hands as we will ensure you’re comfortable, safe and well-informed.

Smile with confidence

This Christmas, consider adding an extra sparkle to your smile with our teeth whitening services. Whether you want, whiter teeth for the Christmas party, for kisses with Father Christmas under the mistletoe or just as a present for yourself, we’re here for you.

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